Guaranteed Capital Investments: What They Are and How They Work

Investing your money means using a part of your capital in financial assets that can bring a future gain, more or less significant depending on the risk associated with the investment, which does not always guarantee the return of the entire amount paid at the end of the contract. To have this certainty, it is necessary to orient oneself towards capital guaranteed investments. Let's find out in detail what they are and how they work.

What are

- capital guaranteed investments they are financial products in which the holder pays a variable portion of capital and, upon maturity, is entitled to receive a sum no less than the amount subscribed in the contract. Based on the different types of investment, the saver has the right to receive interest on the chosen amount, protection against serious events and an indexed sum. 

Whereas capital guaranteed investments they protect the holder from fluctuations in the financial market, which face up or in the opposite direction, i interest rates applied are rather small.
On the other hand, it is a golden rule of investments: the higher the risk, the greater the profit margin, and vice versa. Investments with guaranteed capital are, precisely for the security of receiving at least the amount initially paid (in the worst case scenario), much loved by those who prefer long-term savings tools, in favor of third parties (such as policyholders insurance) and to build a small financial peace of mind, without swings to the detriment of capital and without anxiety.

Le main types of investments with guaranteed capital currently available are bonds, insurance policies and deposit accounts. For the more experienced, it is possible to proceed independently to the choice of financial products that best suit your needs. With regard to the more complex solutions and for those unfamiliar with investment instruments, it is advisable to rely on expert intermediaries, who know how to illustrate which type is more consistent with their capital, risk appetite and the reference time horizon.


Moneyfarm is a successful Spanish company that offers a personalized digital savings management service. An independent financial advisor who guides savers in their capital investment choices, respecting the needs of his clients. Moneyfarm currently manages the assets of more than 60.000 investors across Europe and has been voted the best Independent Financial Advisory service for six consecutive years.

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Moneyfarm offers a Advisory Service for savers acting as a platform that aims to simplify the investment process. The first step carried out by Moneyfarm is to identify the investor's profile, through an online procedure that lasts a few minutes, aimed at definition of savings objectives, the client's financial situation and his exposure to risk. Once this phase of creating the customer profile has been completed, we move on to portfolio creation, outlined on the needs defined in the previous step. The portfolio created is diversified by opting for funds that follow reliable and quality criteria and is designed to produce a controlled performance, respecting the risk of the saver. There investment proposal that the Moneyfarm team is able to offer is therefore perfectly calibrated around the customer's needs. Furthermore, if necessary, the initially proposed strategy is immediately rebalanced in order to seize new opportunities offered by the markets.

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Moneyfarm is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and by Consob. The main strengths of this service are the Customization and being able to be supported by a professional who offers constant support and advice for the investment made. The advantages of Moneyfarm are theefficiency and transparency. The user always has the possibility to calculate the commission based on the invested capital. At the same time, however, the disadvantage of Moneyfarm is that one cannot think of investing small amounts. L'minimum investment requested is in fact 5.000 euros. In any case, compared to traditional forms of investment, Moneyfarm remains a less expensive and less binding solution.

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The Bonds: Earnings on Capital with Coupons

Le bonds I am, to date, one of the forms of investment with guaranteed capital most in demand by savers. The bond is a debt security that the companies concerned issue to raise liquidity in the financial market.

Those who wish to buy bonds pays a variable amount, which changes according to the minimum denomination established in the contract and guarantees the holder the right to receive the so-called coupons on a quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. The coupons they represent the interest that the companies that issue the bonds must pay to the subscribers, as a counterpart of the restricted quota and which represents a sort of loan. With the purchase of 10-year bonds for an amount of 10.000 euros, with a net interest rate of 1,50% per annum and six-monthly payment of interest income, the holder will receive at the end of the 10 years the sum of 10.000 euros and , every 6 months, 150 euros. This example is extremely simplified, also because there are many types of bonds available on the market, some of which do not provide for the payment of periodic interest, but other forms of income.

Guaranteed Capital Investments: What They Are and How They Work
Guaranteed Capital Investments

In general, however, the two major families of bonds currently in existence are government and corporate bonds. The government bonds are issued by the governments of the states, for the financing of their public debt, while the corporate bonds they concern companies, which through the issue of bonds raise funds for their own business.

Il risk linked to bonds it is not, however, non-existent, even if reduced to a minimum. In the case of state bond, it is advisable to avoid underwriting bonds for more than 20 years, because the socio-political situation of a country, even if democratic and stable, cannot be foreseen for such a long period. As regards the the companies, the most concrete risk is that of default but, considering the most striking past (such as the non-payment of coupons by Parmalat in 2003. Another risk of loss, in the bond world, is to obtain a lower value than that initially subscribed in the event that the holder decides to disinvest his shares, because in this case the conditions could be more unfavorable than those in which the purchase was finalized. . In any case, for long-term bonds it is advisable to carefully evaluate the future conditions applied in the contract at interest rates.

A type of bond very often proposed by banks and financial intermediaries that revolve around the banking world is represented by structured bonds. It is a rather complex product, in which the payment of coupons to the subscriber is subject to the occurrence of certain conditions, or to certain values ​​in the market indices. In some circumstances, structured bonds can be useful, but what is important to emphasize here is that it is necessary pay attention to the fees charged, because these are paid in advance and, also for this reason, banks love to offer this type of investment.

The Deposit Account: Guaranteed Capital, But Low Returns

In recent years, an extremely popular choice, for small savers and especially for those who want to tie up a small amount of money, is constituted by deposit accounts. This financial instrument consists in binding a variable sum of money for different periods of time (based on the conditions of the signed contract), in exchange for interest, usually received at the end of the year. The investment owner will not have to worry about how his money is managed, as he has it certainty that, at the end of maturity, he will be able to have access to the entire subscribed capital again and, at the end of the year, the interest, calculated as a percentage of the paid-up capital. The yields of deposit accounts, given the nature of an almost zero risk investment, are rather low and, therefore, are suitable for those who want high peace of mind regarding the full repayment capacity.

Insurance Policies: Guaranteed Capital and Protection

Le insurance policies represent one hybrid form of investment with guaranteed capital, because they offer the holder the possibility of protecting the beneficiary (usually children or relatives) from a non-programmable event (almost always death or permanent disability) and, in parallel, to accrue the right to receive a revalued sum at the end of the expiry of the policy. Different types of policies are available on the market and, in these cases, the assistance of a intermediary it is highly recommended.

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