How to Save Money: Practical Tips

It often happens that you have to face extraordinary expenses, or want to organize a trip, and regret not having saved up some savings. Knowing how to save money it helps both to face all those non-ordinary costs with more serenity but also to enjoy some more entertainment. In this guide we will see how to save money in an easy way with lots of useful tips to avoid waste and unnecessary expenses. 

How To Save Money 

The world is not divided into greedy and spendthrift, but what is certain is that there are people who are more inclined to save while for others it is more difficult to succeed in save some money. Saving money, however, doesn't just mean putting money under your pillow until it forms a nice nest egg, but also simply reduce expenses lowering costs. What we could also define as an intelligent expense. Knowing how to save money is not taught in school, but it is essential to manage your budget. In fact, it is essential to understand what the incomes and fixed costs are in order to calculate how much the family can actually spend. So here are some practical tips for saving.

How to Save Money: Practical Tips
How to save money

Learn to manage your family budget

To know how much you can spend, you have to start from the income. Therefore, every family should make a family budget in order to better manage expenses. Managing the family budget means calculating both income and expenses. Therefore, starting from the income deriving from the monthly salary, it is possible to establish which are the expenses that can be sustained each month. We are talking about the budget, that is the maximum expense that can be faced by the end of the month. 

Maintenance of the house and of cars and motorcycles

To establish the amount of the budget to be dedicated to the so-called variable expenses it is necessary to subtract from the incomes that which are the ones fixed costs. Fixed expenses are those periodically outgoings that families have to face, for example for the house maintenance or car and motorcycle. We are talking about bills, insurance, car and motorcycle tax, but also transport such as subscriptions to public transport. You can also save on fixed costs by looking for the Best Deals between gas and electricity service providers, but also taking some precautions to consume less. 

Beware of waste

People often fail to save because they don't realize they are wasting not only money but also goods and services. The first step that is good for both the wallet and the health of the planet is to do attention to energy and gas consumption. To reduce your bills you can start with small measures such as turn the lights off when not needed, turn off unused devices and appliances, make the washing machines full load. 

As for the heating, it can help to wear heavier clothes in winter to turn on the radiators less, but also to make sure that the window frames avoid the dispersion of heat from the house to the outside. Also it food waste weighs on your wallet, so it's important to learn how to store food in the appropriate containers, both leftovers and fruit and vegetables to keep them fresh longer. Also take advantage of offers can help you spend less. 

Beware of extra costs

To reduce the extra charges can help one good planning of the outings. In fact, by establishing which are the most important regular outings, such as those related to food and bills, it is possible to calculate a figure to devote to the rest.

Some vices are luxuries that cannot be maintained, such as, for example cigarettes, sports betting. The hope of winning by trying your luck is absolutely a counterproductive investment. Gambling is also to be avoided. In everyday life always do breakfast at the bar or go often to the restaurant it is another activity to review in one's habits. By limiting or even eliminating these actions you will not only gain on your expenses but also on your health. 

Cancel your subscriptions when you're not using them

It is not uncommon to subscribe to a service and then forget about it or not use it. Then the time has come cancel unused subscriptions which represent a considerable fixed expense. Whether it's a streaming service, a magazine or a cloud service, anything superfluous can be canceled at any time.

Netflix it is certainly the most used platform in video streaming. By continuously zapping, you realize that the time spent choosing what to watch is greater than the time actually taken to see a TV series or a movie. They work the same way Amazon Prime, Spotify, DAZN and a multitude of subscription services. To save something you could dust off a forgotten book in the library and disconnect from the hectic everyday life. For disable services it is not enough to exit the app or even log out but to follow a series of steps. After logging into the platform, you need to go to your account. On the item -Subscription and billing- click on -Subscribe subscription-. You will be prompted for a confirmation and then you will receive an email. Each streaming service has a similar procedure. The account can still be activated again at a later time. 

Take care of your health and exercise

Some experts say that doing physical activity constantly allows you to save over two thousand euros. Indeed, playing sports and taking care of your health It allows save on health care costs. But the savings also apply to food expenses which, for those who choose a healthier lifestyle, translates into a reduced consumption of processed foods such as hamburgers, pizzas or desserts and a preference for simpler foods such as fruit and vegetables. 

Take advantage of offers and discounts

As we have already seen, an easy way to save is to take advantage of offers and discounts, not only in the food sector but also for other expenses such as clothing, telephony, insurance services and even the same electricity, gas and internet bills.

The time of the sale is the favorite time for those who want to buy at a good price. There are usually three or four shopping periods during the year. The weeks following major holidays like Easter and Christmas lead to one price reduction very high, even up to 70%. During the change of season, the shops begin to sell off those clothing products that are no longer suitable, such as heavy jackets in the summer. Online sales giants like Amazon are very active during the week of Black Friday

Don't buy the first thing you see 

Buying "belly" often leads to enormous waste of money because they are poorly reasoned, impulsive purchases, which often lead to unnecessary spending. Therefore, before buying something it can help compare the various offers, evaluate the pros and cons of the purchase, or take a few days to understand if it is a necessary expense. 

Consider replacing the mortgage

Spesso subrogate the mortgage, i.e. transferring it from one bank to another, leads to significant savings. This is because the new bank, in order to grab a new fixed income, offers advantageous conditions at lower interest rates. In this way, the old mortgage is not canceled and a new mortgage registration is therefore not necessary.

The procedure was introduced in Bersani decree with the law n. 40 of 2007. The considerable advantage is represented by the total absence of the preliminary and appraisal costs of the property. Also from the bureaucratic point of view there is no duty on the part of the applicant. The surrogate bank also takes care of this. Another advantage lies in complete anonymity. The borrower is not required to notify the old bank to transfer its loan and the latter, even knowing this, cannot oppose it.

request subrogation some conditions are necessary. The loan must be equal to the residual debt and the mortgage holders must not change. The subrogation of the loan is also called portability and can be granted both to individuals and to companies or companies. In the latter case, companies must have an annual turnover of less than 2 million euros and have fewer than 10 employees.

Electricity, gas and telephone contracts

Save on electricity, gas, telephone and internet contracts it's very simple. In fact, it is enough to compare the various offers even on search engines that compare different companies. takes care of this task very well. Once you have entered your consumption in the appropriate form on the site, the latter, through search algorithms, is able to find the best quality-price combination requested by the user. Some data concern the number of people living in the house or the household appliances used. Eventually you get a 'personalized offer

Sell ​​what you no longer use

Another useful method to save money is to sell what you no longer use. Whether it's a flea market, a portal for the sale of used items, or an advertisement on the internet, selling what we no longer need can lead to interesting earnings to set aside to face future expenses with greater serenity. Maybe it could be a sofa, a refrigerator, a pair of shoes. It makes no difference, because on the online market it is possible to sell anything. You just need to interface on the right platforms. this task takes place, but also Vinted for clothing and Facebook marketplace, just to mention the most famous.

To use these services it is obviously necessary to be registered on the platform. Once done, simply take a photo and add a realistic price. The whole thing is then inserted in a ad clear and understandable. When a buyer contacts you, it is possible to proceed with the sale in person or rely on online shipping. To close a sale with peace of mind, it is advisable to meet live. Direct contact ensures the utmost seriousness on both sides. It may also happen that, given the enormous distance between the contacts, an online shipment is necessary. An advantage lies in the convenience of the operation in which the shipment is paid by the buyer.

Final considerations

Finally, save it does not imply that great effort that many believe. It's just a question of common sense. Giving up anything that isn't really important. The big success would be to continue saving even during the highest paying periods and to build positive habits that help identify when money is being wasted. Those who say that every penny saved is a penny earned is not mistaken.

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