Illimity Bank Prepaid Card: Review and Costs

One of the products that has recently been enjoying the most success in terms of Prepaid cards Is that of Illimity Bank which can be activated and managed directly online. If you are thinking of activating a prepaid, it might be a good idea to consider the product in question and to better decide you need to know all the features precisely: here, then, is a small guide to the subject.

What is the Illimity Bank prepaid card

It is a prepaid card that must always be connected to the current account of Illimity Bank but which can also be used alone. It is a very convenient product, simple to use because can be entirely managed online thanks to the special smartphone app that will allow you to always keep your expenses under control. Since it is a prepaid card, it does not have infinite availability but is strictly linked to the amount of money that has been paid to it, for a maximum of 12.500 euros: this makes it very safe also as regards its online use, since it does not endanger your savings, as there is no direct access to the current account. The card adheres to the Mastercard circuit, so it can be used for both online and offline payments.

Illimity Bank Prepaid Card: Review and Costs

How it works and how it can be used

Illimity Bank's prepaid card can be used like any credit card, with the only precaution that you must verify that the necessary funds are loaded to make expenses or withdrawals before any operation. With sufficient funds you can use it to buy in virtual or physical stores, withdraw cash, make payments, pay tolls but also activate periodic payments such as home utilities, pay TV subscriptions or game consoles: there are few things you cannot do with this prepaid card. Among other things, the card offers you the possibility to enable and disable online payments when you want and in a very simple way: maybe you can make them active only when you need it and disable the function in case of not being used, so as not to run the risk of data theft or improper and unauthorized use.

How to subscribe

To subscribe to your Illimity Bank prepaid card, all you have to do is connect to the website of the company that issues it. If you are already an Illimity Bank customer, you can enter your reserved area of ​​the app and proceed directly there with the request. If, on the other hand, you are not a customer, you will find the application form on the site to be able to enter the data you need to receive the ma card you will also have to activate an account to which you can link it. As this is an online bank, your credit card is expected to come to you shipped directly to your home, or wherever you want, and then you can activate it directly from the application once you have received the card, following the instructions that accompany it. The operation is very simple and usually no more than a few days pass between the request and the activation.

What are the costs of the card

Of course, if you are thinking of activating an Illimity Bank prepaid card, you may certainly be interested in the cost issue. First of all, in order to have the physical card, you must incur an expense of 15 euros equal to the activation costs of the card itself. In addition, an additional fee equal to € 15 every 12 months.

In addition to these which represent out-of-pocket expenses, there are also some costs that are not strictly related to the paper but which in the end have an impact, even a lot. For example, each cash withdrawal at any ATM, both in Spain and abroad, has a cost of 2 €, regardless of the amount of the withdrawal. There is also a cost for refills, which it can range from one to 2,5 euros, based on the type of charging system you have chosen to use.

How to reload the card

A very important item that you must keep in mind is that relating to how to top up the card, also because as you have noticed, this operation has a cost so it is essential to understand how you can save. Basically there are three ways you have available. The first involves recharging directly from your personal area of ​​the Illimity app, then drawing on your account: in this case the cost is one euro per operation. The second relates to recharging through the Sisal circuit, therefore in any tobacconist's: the cost for each recharge is 2,5 € and can only be made in cash. Finally, the third way you can take is to use another credit card, prepaid or classic, of the Nexi circuit: the operation can be carried out from the site or from the Nexi app and has a cost of 2 euros for each top-up.

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